Prospective Scientists


Our Constraints

Northwest Nuclear Laboratories is an exclusive program limited to 12 volunteers.  This limitation is based on our laboratory facility and that we are an all-volunteer organization with a high ratio of mentors to scientists.  We are currently working with other organizations to look at how we can expand without losing the magic that has been created.


how to be a scientist at our Laboratory

Albert Einstein was absolutely correct when he said, "I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious".  We believe that all that is required to be a scientist or engineer is a similar level of curiosity.  Aside from ensuring that there is a space available, which is on a first come first served basis, we do have acceptance criteria to be considered.  The interview process is subjective, however there are a few indicators we look at:

  1. Age
    All of our scientists are High School students. Prospective scientists who are in Middle School can schedule a tour in order to begin their relationship with Northwest Nuclear, however they will be unable to attend weekly meetings until their Freshman year of High School.

  2. Passionately Curious
    If you are still at a point in your life where video games or social standing has a higher priority than learning about the world around you then this probably isn't the place for you. We have a limited number of spaces and we want those spaces to be filled by students who will value and one day contribute to the work we are doing. Having both you and your parents value education similarly is important to your long-term academic success.

  3. Academic Standing.
    Grades are an indicator of ones maturity and focus. Insurance companies use it, educational institutions, and even some employers. It is important that students pay attention to this as well. However, academic standing can be misleading. Typically our students have GPAs that are above 3.5, however we do not look exclusively at GPA. This is just one indicator of how curious a student you are. Our students usually elevate their grades after joining Northwest Nuclear no matter what their academic standing coming in.

  4. Behavioral Requirements.
    We run very expensive and dangerous equipment. We understand that the adolescent years are very challenging, we have all lived through them. However, safety is of paramount concern here. If there have been involvements with law enforcement, drugs or threats/actual harm to oneself or others, you will probably not be qualified to attend this program. We do review applicants on a case by case basis, and if there were extenuating circumstances, and you have since demonstrated sustained and exemplary behavior and academics for a substantial period of time, you may wish to apply for an exception.

  5. Relationships
    This has multiple facets. The relationship you have with your parents, your teachers, and your friends are an important indicator of who you are as an individual and if you have the emotional maturity to be a scientist at Northwest Nuclear. Your success not only at Northwest Nuclear, but in the rest of your life largely depends on how positive your relationships are.

If you are interested in being a scientist with us, and we would love to have you join us, please click the Contact Us link and schedule a tour.